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Skip Hire Rules and Regulations

At Skip Hire Bradford we care about waste management, recycling and the environment. We want to make our customers aware of how waste can be reused or recycled.

Our team are always looking at different ways to reduce the amount of rubbish that goes into landfill. Our Waste Management Plant is built with extra emphasis on maximising recycling and minimising landfill and landfill tax.

We strive to reduce costs and stay aware of new developments in waste management. We know the public needs a fully competent an assured firm when they hire a skip and that is what we can offer.

Skip Hire Bradford cares about maintaining the earth and bettering our surroundings. We want to show our customers, and the public, some of the aspects of skip hire, household and building waste.

There are many regulations around waste, so please read ahead and find out how we can help you.

Skip Hire for Residential or commercial

There are various types of waste such as Acceptable Waste, Controlled Waste and Prohibited Waste.

Acceptable Waste

These items are things that pose no threat to people or the environment. They can be disposed of in a skip:

Controlled Skip Waste

Some types of waste can be collected but should not be mixed with standard/acceptable waste. The Environment Agency used to allow these items but in 2009 they prohibited them and now control the disposal of plasterboard and gypsum.

Plasterboard cannot be reused or recycled and therefore it must go into landfill. Plasterboard is not biodegradable and has to be separately processed, as does gypsum, to be disposed of safely.

Prohibited Skip Waste

Other types of waste are not allowed in a skip, disposing of these products without authorisation could be illegal and result in a fine or prosecution.

The content of your skip is your responsibility, and therefore you are solely responsible for any illegal contents, even if you did not skip them yourself. Many people choose to hire a closed skip for this reason and ensure they are locked when they are not in use.

The following list shows the items that are prohibited because they pose a threat, are dangerous, or cannot use the standard waste management systems:

Fly tipping in skips

This is a big problem throughout West Yorkshire and legally the person who has hired the skip is the responsible party. At Skip Hire Bradford we supply enclosed and lockable skips as well as open skips, giving you the choice to protect your skip.

Permit to place a skip on a public road

Our team will apply for the permit licence to park on a public highway if there is no off-road space available. There will be a charge for this service depending on your local council. There are some simple rules in regards to placing a skip on a public road:

Legally complaint skips

Skip Hire companies like us have to follow a series of rules and regulations. We have made sure we are fully compliant with the law and that we satisfy the following requirements:

Here at Skip Hire Bradford, we want to ensure you feel completely confident when using our skips and ensure we operate in a legal and safe framework. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

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