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What Size skip will I need?

Please see our book online tab on our website which gives you a list of the size skips we do and the measurements of each size skip.

How long is the skip on hire for?

The skip is on hire for up to 2 weeks, however if the customers wants it more longer then we can arrange for it be longer with them for an extra cost. Please speak to our customer service team when booking your skip.

What waste can I put in the skip?

You can put any items in the skip along as there are no electrical items, Liquids or hazardous material going in the skip.

Where can the skip be placed?

The skip can be placed anywhere on private land, however if the skip is going on the public road or Grass verge we would have to apply for a licence which is a permit off the local council of your area. This can be applied online through the booking facility or if you are not sure then you can call one of our staffs and they will be happy to help you on 01274 786000.

Do you recycle the waste?

The items that are in the skips will be recycled or sent for re-processing. Bradford Skip hire takes pride in minimising any waste sent to landfill.

What are your opening and closing hours?

We are open from Monday to Saturday 7AM till 6pm and Sunday we are closed.

How quickly can you get a skip delivered?

We usually delivery skips on the same day if ordered on the day before 1pm and after 1pm it will be the next working day.

Is there a need for a permit?

Yes you would need a permit If the skip is placed on the public highway. If you cannot get a permit on time, and there is no private land then we do provide a wait and load service please contact one of our customer services staff on 01274 786000.

How full can the skip be?

The skip has to be level loaded for example it must not be filled above the top edges of the skip. This is to make sure that any items won't be falling on to the road while driving as its illegal to do so.

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